Dear Guest, please see some guidelines to make your stay in the Service Valdera S.a.s. property of your choice as pleasant as possible and hassle free.

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We kindly ask you to print and bring with you the property’s documents:

– driving directions, including property’s address and phone numbers);

– Two vouchers.


At least one week before your arrival, you are kindly asked to provide us with the following useful check-in information. This could be done throughout the check-in module, which can be find in your reserved area in our website, or by email writing at

 The information we require are:

– A telephone number that you will use during the rental period in case SERVICE VALDERA S.A.S.  or the owner will need to communicate important information;

– Estimated arrival time to the rented Villa to better organize the check-in process;

– An e-mail address you will check during your holiday;

– Place and time of arrival of the means of transportation that you will use (in case you will be arriving by car, you can simply write “by car” in the blank).


Guests are requested to arrive at the properties between 16.00 and 19.00 and leave the property at the end of their stay by 10.00 am. The owner can access the property at least one hour prior to perform the check-out.

In case of arrivals after 19.00 p.m., guests are required to let SERVICE VALDERA S.A.S.  know it at least few days in advance, in order to avoid problems, either by calling the number 0039 0587 628261 or our worldwide toll free numbers or by sending an email to  

In case of arrivals later than 20.00 p.m., the owners reserve themselves the right to postpone the check-in until the following day, or to allow the guests to enter the property requiring an extra fee for late arrival.

During the check-in process, guests will have to communicate to the check-in responsible the estimated time of departure, keeping in consideration the latest check-out time (10.00). In any case, the estimated departure time will have to be communicated to the check-in responsible at least 12 hours before the actual check-out time.


Upon arrival at the property, guests are asked to submit the vouchers to enter the property together with the required security deposit, for which they will receive a receipt. The security deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, net of the eventual utilities consumption (if applicable and foreseen by our website), provided that no damage will have been caused to the property.


Service Valdera S.a.s.  staff will be happy to offer any assistance you may require. It is essential for us to be notified immediately if any problems arise upon arrival or during your stay. This will give us the time to do everything possible to ensure the prompt resolution of the issue. An absence of communication means it will not possible for us to remedy any deficiency immediately.

For this reason, you will be provided with the phone number of your SERVICE VALDERA S.A.S.  CUSTOMER SERVICE in addition to the number of the office that is open on the days of arrival (Saturday) just to be at your disposal.


Please provide the exact number of guests (adults, children 2-12 and children 0-2) that will be staying at the villa. You can do this sending an email to

In any case, it has to be notified at least 30 days before your arrival.

Please note that for insurance reasons and licenses, the number of guests cannot exceed what stated in your contract, please note that infants under the age of two will not be taken in to account. If children are older than two, they will be using a normal size bed and therefore they will be included in the count.

In case of exceeding guests, the owner and SERVICE VALDERA S.A.S.  must be informed promptly in order to organize the arrangements. In the event of changes in the number of people present or in the arrangement of the rooms on arrival, the owner who has not been previously informed and who has not accepted any changes will not be bound to respect them. If he is able to accommodate clients, these will still be obliged to pay the applicable extra charges.

For infants 0-24 months, we will be happy to provide cots and high chairs. Most of our houses offer the first cot and high chair free of charge, while for additional items there will be an additional cost. We kindly ask you to communicate the number of cots required at least 40 days prior to arrival. Children who fall into this category are infant under the age of two.


At your arrival at the villa, the check-in responsible (the owner or his representative) will welcome you. He/she will gladly show you the property and the operation of all the appliances and lights.

It is advisable to check thoroughly on the state of the furnishings and appliances with the check-in responsible to make sure that everything is in good condition and to prevent any issues or problems during your stay.

In case of any disruption or malfunctioning, we kindly ask you to communicate instantly your Service Valdera S.a.s.  Customer Service who will work to fix immediately any issue.


At the time of handing over the keys, guests must handle to the check-in responsible the security deposit in cash (unless differently specified in the villa’s web page on our website).

The security deposit will be returned to the guest at the time of departure after checking on the status of the property, net of the eventual utilities consumption (for example electricity costs, heating costs, extra cleanings, ..), provided that no damage will have been caused to the property. The owner has the right to deny the entry of clients who have not paid the deposit.


We advise our clients to close doors and windows at night, when they leave the house or when they are in the swimming pool area. The owner and Service Valdera S.a.s.  decline any responsibility for valuables and personal belongings left unattended inside the property.


Guests are kindly requested to comply with rules of conduct in force in our country, regarding politeness and to bring the utmost respect towards the owner and the structure where they are staying.

It is absolutely forbidden to move pieces of furniture inside the property, to bring interior furniture and furnishings outside the property (and vice versa) and to use them differently from what they are designed for.


Initial and final housecleaning are included in the price unless otherwise specified in the house information sheet published on the website and in the catalogue.

The housecleaning does not include emptying the kitchen (refrigerator and kitchen cabinets) and waste disposal.

The kitchen must be left clean and tidy. If, for any reason, including time, guests cannot clean the kitchen and the furnishings before they leave, the owner will be entitled to require an additional fee for extra cleaning. If guests will leave rubbish in the property, the manager may require an additional fee of € 50,00 for extra cleaning (see general booking terms and conditions).

Properties must be returned in good hygienic conditions in all its parts and accessories. If not, the client will be required to pay the owner or his representative the cost needed for cleaning.

The waste disposal is a client’s assignment, unless elsewhere differently specified.


We ask clients to take the utmost care of the pool equipment and immediately call the caretaker in case of problems with the pool system, to prevent any damage to the system itself. We advise clients to ensure to close all the umbrellas when you will be away from the pool or in windy conditions to avoid damage and eventual claims of damages for negligence.


When heating and electricity are not included in the rental price (we suggest you to always check on our Villa webpage the section “the price includes/does not include” and in your vouchers), their cost is calculated according to consumption, with meter readings on arrival and departure, and according to the rates in effect at the time of the stay (if not differently specified in the villa’s webpage in our website).

In both cases, the cost of heating and electricity, like all other consumption (stated in the section “the price does not include” and in your vouchers) will have to be paid on site to the owner or his representative at the time of departure. The use of heating and air conditioning, in regard to temperature and period of use, is governed by rules that vary from region to region. Generally, the heating can be used from November to April, while air conditioning can be used during summer months. Clients must compulsorily follow the rules they will be told by the owner.


Service Valdera S.a.s.  and owners of the structures in which internet connection is via USB key are not liable for any malfunction caused by technical problems for which clients are advised to refer directly to specialized centres in the area.

Service Valdera S.a.s.  and owners of properties (mostly private structures, in countryside and far from the town centres) provided with ADSL and Wi-Fi connections (subscriptions are made independently by the owners) or without broadband, are not liable for slowing downs or malfunctioning caused by atmospheric agents, network instability, and/or causes not attributable to Service Valdera S.a.s.  or to the owner.

In case of malfunctioning, the owners will do their best to solve any inconvenience, but we would like to specify that some connections could not be suitable for works that require the download of a big amount of megabytes. The internet connection could be limited and in rural areas, it could find temporary technical problems because of the suboptimal connectivity of the Italian wired networks. Therefore, we suggest you to purchase an Italian SIM card or a similar device. DISHWASHER We kindly ask our clients not to put in the dishwasher dishes with leftovers, to follow the washing instructions and to communicate any problem instantly.

WASHING MACHINE We kindly ask our clients to follow the washing instructions and to communicate any malfunctioning. It is forbidden to wash animal-clothes and objects and not hygienic considered items.

BATHROOMS We ask our clients not to throw sanitary napkins or not biodegradable objects in the toilets and to communicate any problem or malfunctioning.

ELECTRICITY We advise clients not to use all the appliances at the same time to avoid overloading the system, which may lead to a loss of power.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS In case of any malfunction or if there are technical problems related to the property or its furnishings, the owner, after having contacted the guests, has the authorization to enter his property even in absence of clients themselves. This is needed to ensure the safe condition of the property.

ANIMALS Each property information sheets indicate whether pets are allowed, what size, and whether clients will be required to pay extra for cleaning to the owner. During the booking procedure, customers are required to specify the type, number and size of the pets they will be bringing. The owner may refuse entry to a client who brings an animal without mentioning it at the time of the booking. Owners of the pets are required to observe the basic hygiene rules by not allowing animals to enter the bedrooms, to climb on beds or sofas and not allowing the animals to swim in the pool, mainly out of respect for the next guests.

ROADS Our villas are located in beautiful and quiet places and the roads to reach them are often unpaved, sometimes narrow and in some cases, quite steep. Service Valdera S.a.s.  tries to be as accurate as possible for what concerns the roads and distances from the centres of the properties as well as when giving advice on what kind of car to use. Service Valdera S.a.s.  is not to be held responsible if weather conditions make roads more difficult to follow and for inability to drive on such dirt roads, nor Service Valdera S.a.s.  is responsible for clients who have not carefully consulted all parts of the website. For this reason, we suggest our clients to have a good look at the information as shown on the website.

NB We remind our clients that the private villas are experienced as such by the owners themselves and reflect their lifestyle and their personal tastes, you may find personal photos, souvenirs, memories and therefore it is normal – as it is common in the house we usually live in – that there could be some small flaws.

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